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1. Pull off the aerolizer inhaler cover. Hold the base of the aerolizer inhaler firmly and twist the mouthpiece in the direction of the arrow to open. Push the buttons in to make sure that the 4 pins are visible in the capsule well on each side.
2. Separate one blistered capsule by tearing at intersecting perforations. Peel the paper backing from the blister and push the capsule through the remaining foil.
3. Place the capsule in the capsule chamber in the base of the aerolizer inhaler. Never place a capsule directly into the mouthpiece. Twist the mouthpiece back to the closed position
4. With the mouthpiece of the aerolizer inhaler upright, simultaneously press both buttons ONCE! You should hear a click as the capsule is being pierced. Release the buttons. If the buttons stick in the depressed position, grasp the wings on the buttons to retract them before the inhalation step. Do not depress the buttons a second time, since in rare cases this may cause the capsule to shatter into small pieces.
5. Exhale fully. Do not exhale into the mouthpiece. Tilt your head back slightly. Keeping the aerolizer inhaler horizontal, with the blue buttons to the left and right (NOT UP AND DOWN), place the mouthpiece in your mouth, closing your lips around the mouthpiece.
6. Breathe in rapidly but steadily, as deeply as you can. As the capsule spins around in the chamber dispensing the medication, you will experience a sweet taste and hear a whirring noise. If you have not heard the whirring noise, the capsule may be stuck. If this occurs, open the Aerolizer Inhaler and loosen the capsule allowing it to spin freely. DO NOT try to loosen the capsule by repeatedly pressing the buttons.